Adidas Swim Suits

    Below are the team suits that we are using this year.  These are recommended but not required for participation on the Tidal Waves Summer team.  Visit to purchase these suits.  You also must use the discount code OSC20 in order to receive these team prices.

    Equinox Camo Vortex Back – Purple, Style # 4APF007, Sizes 18-40, Price - $46.40

    Equinox Camo C-Back - Purple, Style # 4APF002, Sizes 18-40, Price - $46.40

    Equinox Camo Jammers – Purple, Style # 4APM008, Sizes 18-38, Price - $35.20

    Solid Brief – Black, Style # AMX8621, Sizes 22-38, Price - $32

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